Download Tools

Project Profile Post tools are mainly available for Windows and Linux. It can also compile to work with other operating systems such as Mac OS X, FreeBSD, etc.

Project Profile Post Viewer

3P Viewer is a cross platform tool to view 3P files.

3PEd (Project Profile Post Editor)

3PEd is a simple and portable tool to create and manage 3P files. It support all 3P file tags and available for both Windows and Linux operaing systems.

3P Hash Injector

3P hash injection tool is use to update the hash code in 3P file. This is a cross platform console application and it is recommended for advance users.

3P Full Version

This is a bundled version of 3P Viewer, 3PEd and 3P hash injector. This bundle version is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems and recommended for 3P file creators (to create, view and maintain 3P files).


3P API (Application Programming Interface) is a compiled library to access 3P files. As like all the 3P tools 3P API library is also available for both Windows (as a DLL file) and Linux (as a so file).

3P Tools source code

3P tools is a free and open source software project. Latest 3P tools source codes are available at 3P – SVN repository. This source code and compiled binaries are distribute under the terms of MIT Open Source License.