Shape it via 3P

Define your project's social settings through “Project Profile Post” file and embed!

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Define 3P

Understand concept of Project Profile Post (3P) and contribute to documentation with your ideas and experiences.

Make 3P Files

Download 3PEd. Simple, free and full featured Project Profile Post editor.


3P content can embed into applications via 3P library. This section contain 3P library, wrappers and sample projects to demonstrate how to work with the 3P DLL.

Explore 3P Files

Download Project Profile Post Viewer from here. 3P Viewer is free software to access 3P files in more interactive way.

Project Profile Post (also known as 3P) is a XML based project information file. Initially it is design to store open source software project information in digital libraries (digital storage). Later it is redefine to store general project information. This site contain latest 3P file definition, 3P tools, which include cross platform 3P Viewer, 3P Editor, API libraries and hash injection utility.

All the 3P tools in this site are release under the MIT open source licenses. 3P tools source codes can be access through 3P tools - SVN repository.